Blissful Majorca

July 2018


We had three days in Majorca which wasn’t really enough time to explore the whole island, so we decided on one area (the west coast). The rest of Spain waited for us… But yes, in Majorca you could stay weeks and months to see and experience all that it can offer. I’m following a Swedish girl on Instagram ( #travelpalma) who lives in Palma. I’m sure it’s not only idyllic, but their experience of enjoying all the little cala’s (beaches), the culture, the food… That’s what I crave too. Hopefully one day…

One of our treats during these few days, were our beautiful little ice-cream coloured Fiat we hired…

We stayed in the small town of Banyalbufar and from there we explored every day. This was the view from the Airbnb house where we stayed:

It was very difficult to decide in which area to stay, but we knew from the start that it will not be in one of the more commercialised places with hotels and resorts… On the west coast the beaches are usually quite a walk downhill and then uphill again… but this didn’t really bother us, because this area is the most untouched and rugged with small little towns. It really turned out the best place to be… Banyalbufar also was the best, although it is one of the smaller towns. On the day we arrived, we struggled to find food, because all three very small supermarkets/café’s were closed for their siesta time… Only one shop was still open, but we had to finalise our shopping very quickly, because the old lady was just about to close for the siesta too and wasn’t very impressed with our lingering while deciding which wine to buy 🙂 But yes, we could find our baguette, red wine and cheese for lunch! We had our lunch at the house with its breathtaking view and just when we had enough, our host came with a large plate of paella for us! Needless to say we didn’t have any dinner that evening!

A day on the west coast

Our second day in Majorca was surely very memorable. We took our little ice-cream car on a road trip to explore the small towns and cala’s on the west and north-west coast. It was a very entertaining as well as nerve-wrecking day! We’ve explored through mountains and valleys, very narrow roads and high mountain passes. Fortunately the little Fiat did well around the blind corners… This part of Majorca is really untouched and very beautiful. The photo’s will need to tell the story…

We saw the following towns:

Valdemossa: We arrived very early in this pretty town (10:00 is early for Spaniards…). The town still “slept” and while shops and restaurants opened slowly one-by-one, we walked through the whole town. Then we had a great breakfast.

Deia is also a very quaint little town, with views on the mountains in the background and the sea on the other side. We just quickly walked through and also did not go down to the beach. Cala Deia is beautiful, seen on photographs only, but we had a long way to go and we realised we would need more time in Soller, so we took to the narrow mountain road again.

Soller is much bigger than other towns in the region, there is a beautiful cathedral and the little train which travels from Palma to Soller and again to Port de Soller, is a great tourist attraction. We decided just there to also take the train to go to the sea. Our Fiat was safely parked without any costs…

Port de Soller was the most touristy of all the towns we saw, a lot of small shops, restaurants and a port for yachts. We had a lovely swim here, enjoyed lunch and I searched for a new hat at all the shops along the port. (I lost TWO hats while in Spain…)

The last part of the day we again drove through mountains and valleys with our beautiful Fiat, a quick stop at the small town of Fornalutx and then onwards to Pollenca and Cap de Fermentor… We had a lovely relaxed swim at Playa de Fermentor and didn’t want to take the road back home… We took the highway back to form a circle route, otherwise we would never arrive back at home before dark…

What a day and lovely memories!

Palma in half a day

We enjoyed the previous day’s roadtrip so much, that we weren’t really in the mood for the city, Palma, but we knew we have to see it… We decided to rather take the bus, very entertaining with the local people… We had to wait quite a bit, these buses are never on time, but it was so easy to reach Palma and to not have any of the drama of finding affordable parking in the city… We walked through all the main parts of Palma, enjoying the beautiful cathedral, but we took the bus back quite early. It was important to have one more last swim at Banyalbufar, visit the neighbouring little town of Estellencs before sunset, including a long walk downhill to the cala, and to have a nice dinner in one of the restaurants in Banyalbufar, before heading back to the airport very early the following morning.

Until next time Majorca!

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory…

Tanya (on Facebook :-))

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