Ngepi, our first experience of the Caprivi (Part 2)

Yes, it’s true, I really have to write a second post about 4 days at Ngepi Camp! This post will focus on game drive to the Mahango National Park. The excitement of seeing elephants in the wild for the first time was certainly the highlight for me. I did get a bit nervous when a lone bull came a bit too close, and then froze and lost out on a great opportunity to photograph it… But, nearly all the rest was good documented…

We were two couples on the game drive and we got beer and snacks at a beautiful spot, next to a magnificent Boabab tree… I cannot say much more, but the photographs will…

We had dinner at Ngepi’s restaurant on the last evening before we had to pack up and leave this piece of heaven. The dinner was a lovely selection of stews and the place had a wonderful vibe. Wish we can go back there now!

We had a walk on the last day to buy some of the local items for sale. Lucas on the photo below made us a good deal for that beautiful basket on the table. I really hope Lucas and his wife will still be there when we visit again! We had a nice chat with him and took him some of our beer on the day we left.


  1. Oh my goodness 😱 your post and photos make me feel homesick for more travel in that area. It’s so amazing. Thank you for doing a second post. ❀️

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