Birding magic in the Kglagadi

So yes, it is spectacular to see the big cats in the Kgalagadi, especially since they are sometimes so elusive. But the birds of this area are not at all elusive, so it is a real birder’s paradise. It was just as exciting for me to catch sight of a beautiful bird (that I wouldn’t see at any other place) than to see a lion or a leopard. Ok, nearly… !

On our first day as we entered the park to drive up to Nossob’s rest camp, I was already in my element with all the beautiful bird sightings. Here are some of them. The first one we saw (and not the last) was the majestic Secretary bird. The second one, I’m not quite sure of, but it could be a Greater Kestrel… Where I have question marks, please correct me! The third and fourth photo’s are a pair of Pale Chanting Goshawks. We saw them quite often. And then the Bateleur Eagle. What a special bird! We had another great sighting of them at a waterhole (Qubitje Quab), but unfortunately not of my photo’s of this sighting were in focus!

At our campsite alone we had so many birds around (often harassing us too, we could not leave any food outside on the table… especially the starlings), but also beautiful interesting ones like the Common Scimitarbill .

The owls at night were spectacular, there were a lot of barn owls around, we heard their screeching sound throughout the night, but did not see them that often at the camp. The best barn owl sighting was when the guide showed us a nest while we were on a sunset drive. Fortunately we passed the same place about 3 times again and could see them again and got some great photo’s. My favourite! We also saw two other type of owls. They were really so special, so attentive, not afraid of the car or people, just watching us calmly… So special to be so close! Further great shots of the barn owl family.

Bird with an attitude! We saw this weird bird (difficult to identify) harassing the car in front of us, our own and the one at the back of us. I wondered whether someone did not feed him and therefore he was looking for more food. But it was really entertaining!

And more… It’s really difficult to choose which ones to share… 🙂


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