Play cards from Greece

The first week and a half at our beach house were not great – the weather was terrible and I think I had a light Covid with a sore throat, headaches… Therefore there was a lot of time for reading and playing cards. Our best pack of cards came from Greece which was our first trip together as a couple (2011!). It’s great to play Solitaire with these cards, because each card you turn around, shows a picture from a specific place in Greece, mostly islands. So, I will usually play a few games of Solitaire and then I will play my own game, by sorting all the cards according to the islands in Greece. Crete and Corfu have the most cards in the pack… We visited Paros, Skopelos, Skiathos, Sifnos and Santorini. These cards I will pack separately and then think of all the great places we saw and adventures we had there… And those islands we haven’t been to? I will go through all those pictures carefully and start to plan our next trip! One day…!


It’s not really possible to say which Greek island is our favourite, they all have their specific charm, but Sifnos was really special for us, because there were barely any tourists around (such a relief after Santorini!) and the island is so so small that we could discover a big part of it in one and a half-day, We always wanted to go back to live there for a while… 10 years later and we haven’t returned yet… Maybe there is too many places to see first.

We hired a quad bike to explore from town to town, with the most magical swims at beautiful beaches… I will tell the rest story with pictures…

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